• My first Date
  • My first date was on January 15, 2015. I met Mr x at a friend's wedding ceremony. I fell in love with Mr X immediately but I didn't have the confidence to walk up to him. On mr X part, he kept staring at me and I wasn't comfortable. Later on, mr X came to sit beside me, my was so happy but kept it to myself. We introduced ourselves and decided to hook up the following day. I arrived the meeting place first and waited for longs hours before Mr X showed up. We ordered for food. While waiting for the food, a slim, tall and beautiful lady walked in and came straight to our table. I was confused as she went on ranting, telling me to leave his hubby. The embarrassment was much because all attention was on me. I wished the ground opened it mouth and swallow me up. My first date was a messy one.
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  • 19 Jun '20 - 12:57pm
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  • steven369 on 19 Jun '20 - 01:05pm
    hmmmm is alright
  • infinity on 19 Jun '20 - 01:05pm
    wow that good one for you
  • mpabia on 19 Jun '20 - 03:20pm
    We shall see let us just hope on them
  • andycole on 19 Jun '20 - 01:09pm
    hmmmm don't use it to hurt other men ooo
  • winner25 on 27 Jul '20 - 10:00pm
    This is so embarrassing.
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