• Hungry rat and Akpos
  • Hungry Rat Conversation between Akpos and a rat:RAT: (With a tiny voice) Hello.MAN: Hello, who am I speaking with?RAT: Na Mr Akpos be dis abi?MAN: Yes! You are speaking wit Mr Akpos. Who is dis please?RAT: So you no recognize my voice abi? Na, me your room mate.MAN: You say what?RAT: Your room mate, Rat. I dey your room now.MAN: I beg your pardon?RAT: Which yeye beg you dey beg. I never chop since yesterday wey you waka comot. I check that place wey you dey put food I no see anything. I check the kitchen, nothing! I even check your fridge, no single food there! E be like say you wan kill me abi? No problem, I just say make I let you know say that your certificate for inside your wardrobe wey dem write 'LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY', I don eat the "LA" comot. Remaining"GOS" STATE UNIVERSITY. Let me see which work you go take "GOS" state university find (Rat ends call).What do you advice Akpos should do.
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  • 19 Jun '20 - 06:20am
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  • usifoh on 19 Jun '20 - 06:41am
    med oooooooooooooo
  • mpabia on 19 Jun '20 - 02:08pm
    hehehehehe funny things
  • winner25 on 27 Jul '20 - 10:06pm
    不不不不不 my Belle oh.
  • molen316 on 19 Jun '20 - 08:38am
    Akpos will always be Akpoz
  • anderson1 on 19 Jun '20 - 11:08am
    Akpos ooooo
  • elodivine on 20 Jun '20 - 03:46pm
    Akpos oooo no go kill person with laff
  • unegbuemeka12 on 21 Jun '20 - 10:24am
    Ah don laugh tire oooo 不不不不
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