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  • Friends are wicked I live alone and I am a very accommodating person. The only person that has the key to my house is my best friend. Last weekend , I went home to see my mum and when I returned yesterday, i met my room empty with nothing in it. my friend has packed all my belongings including my pants. She's about to get married and she already told me that her husband doesn't have money to set her their one room apartment. I have called her number, she didn't pick up, I went to her house but she's not around she has also blocked me on every social media. Pls help me to beg her to return my pants and clothes at least for me to be able to go out.. She can have the remaining properties, that's my wedding gift for her Thanks
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  • 19 Jun '20 - 05:59am
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  • usifoh on 19 Jun '20 - 06:15am
    friends are sometimes wicked tho
  • mpabia on 19 Jun '20 - 02:04pm
  • donfrank on 19 Jun '20 - 06:17am
    na now you know abi
  • molen316 on 19 Jun '20 - 08:41am
    most friends are wicked but not all
  • dezzygold on 19 Jun '20 - 10:43am
    what a wicked world
  • anderson1 on 19 Jun '20 - 11:09am
    Ahhh ๐Ÿ˜ฑ this is serious
  • unegbuemeka12 on 21 Jun '20 - 10:38am
    Hahahahaha I just canโ€™t stop laughing I thought this was a joke though
  • elodivine on 21 Jun '20 - 07:57pm
    So hilarious ooooo
  • cheedyjo on 22 Jun '20 - 08:27am
    Really This is what u asked us to come and see abi Weldone
  • david on 22 Jun '20 - 06:03pm
    Script written my a comedian. This is so hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚
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