• So funny you laugh and diie
  • This is fair warning, don’t scroll any deeper if you’re in a meeting. Or sitting next to a child. Or standing on a crowded train. Or in church. Or under 18 because this memes will keep you laughing all day long. (Like that’s ever stopped anyone ever.) But seriouslywe think it’s probably for the best that you never have to explain why you’re laughing so uncontrollably at a cropped image of gay anal. 1) When you are waiting for your boyfriend to drop a piece of shrimp in your mouth 2) Isn't nature beautiful.Girls will be like oh am loving the ice cream not only loves it the birds also love it. 3) When you love the blanket And you don't wanna wake up🤣 you'd be like 4) When you read the Bible and had a spiritual awakening🤣🤣🤣memes 5) When you introduce someone to Netflix and you are like 6) What the hell are you thinking of Real men do their girlfriend hair🤣🤣
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  • 18 Jun '20 - 12:07am
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  • usifoh on 18 Jun '20 - 06:13am
    reject it in this life
  • trust4466 on 18 Jun '20 - 05:13pm
  • somtoochukwu on 18 Jun '20 - 09:30pm
    mad ooooóoooooooooooooo
  • humble1 on 19 Jun '20 - 12:23am
    What is all thisssssss
  • efosa12345 on 18 Jun '20 - 01:34am
    God forbid i qont die young 🙏
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