• Laughing for nothing
  • Do You Know : Android Is Better Than IPhone. But aunty Anyone you see Whether it Android Or Itel take.oo Crime: Boko Haram Terrorism or Nigeria Military which one is Stronger Enjoy your jokes On the judgement day, they should arrange like 10,000 angels that will separate fight between yahoo boys and white men ooooo! As far as greatness is concern I didinor have time for lyrics i sing what i hear four calling bells, Three French hen, Two turtle dovesAnd a partee after partee I miss those girls that use to cry after break-ups, nowadays, girls will just replace you with contestant number two. Those that cry after worship but sleeps during sermons, What's their problem? Only Igbo kids will chase a fowl till the fowl develops muscle pull. she blocked me because I told her that her short name for ELIZABETH is Eliza not Lizzy.
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  • 17 Jun '20 - 10:35pm
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  • somtoochukwu on 18 Jun '20 - 12:31am
    this one get big head ooooooo🤣🤣🤣
  • humble1 on 19 Jun '20 - 12:24am
    Enjoy the comedy it’s good though
  • feelfine on 17 Jun '20 - 11:23pm
    very funny. I enjoyed most of the jokes.
  • khalifa102 on 17 Jun '20 - 11:31pm
    lol, the last one touch me
  • efosa12345 on 18 Jun '20 - 01:42am
    this one too funny ooooo 😂😂😂
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