• Chioma returns davido engagement ring
  • After all set and done, davido secret finally opens. Indeed nothing can be hidden under the sun, davido was dating a hip hop singer in United state now the girl is pregnant for davido, chioma returns davido engagement ring in tears. Davido in tears, tryna let chioma know he love her despite all what have happened. Celebrity are not to be trusted, imagine giving you my heart and all I have, not cheating on her, Abba it really hurt We are patiently waiting for what will happen next, if davido 2020 talk will still come to pass, because he said in 2019 that him and chioma will be getting married in 2020, but due to the epidemiology that burst out they haven't done there wedding ceremony, before this all Happened I will chioma can forgive and forget about it, so they can continue their live
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  • 17 Jun '20 - 01:34pm
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  • ckid0007 on 17 Jun '20 - 01:34pm
    cool, Jamb is doing a very good job
  • adolabi on 17 Jun '20 - 01:57pm
    Nigeria celeb with their madness
  • usifoh on 17 Jun '20 - 02:00pm
    Naija Celeb and their wahala
  • feelfine on 17 Jun '20 - 02:40pm
    I don't know if it's the right thing to do, buh cheating is not good in a relationship, so chioma should take heart
  • christian23 on 17 Jun '20 - 02:11pm
    anybody marrying a celeb should always expect this kind of a thing
  • somtoochukwu on 18 Jun '20 - 09:32pm
    finally it has happened
  • winner25 on 27 Jul '20 - 09:55pm
    Hmmmm is this not another rumor?
  • hamlet on 17 Jun '20 - 02:45pm
    How true is this story
  • priscalynda on 17 Jun '20 - 03:32pm
    Is this true???
  • baron01 on 17 Jun '20 - 04:03pm
    yeah, this is true
  • excellent on 17 Jun '20 - 04:25pm
    hmmm what do i know in this matter?
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