• Facebook is not the place to find husband, divorce seeking woman tells court
  • A housewife and mother of one, Olaitan Abas , on Tuesday told an Ile - Tuntun Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve her four- year marriage to her husband , Ibrahim , on grounds of wickedness and child abuse .

    Olaitan, a fashion designer , who lives at Osungbade area of Ibadan, accused her husband and mother - in- law of being responsible for the sudden losses of her pregnancies.

    “ My lord , if I had known that the social media platform or Facebook was not the best place to find a spouse , I wouldn’ t have accepted Ibrahim ’ s proposal .

    “ As much as I tried to have a second baby , I discovered that I was experiencing sudden losses of pregnancies and this gave me serious concern .

    “ Studying the whole process , it became glaring to me that on each occasion of the pregnancy loss, Ibrahim and his mother had always been giving me a soft drink though I was unaware of the poison they put in it.

    “ I can’ t count the number of times I announced the news of my pregnancy to them and how many times they aborted my pregnancies.

    “ Worse still , the only child I have with Ibrahim is currently being taught to be a drunkard. The child is daily being abused.

    “ Anytime Ibrahim is taking his alcoholic beverage in the sitting room , he usually invites our two -year - old child to join him and in fact , he feeds him with beer.

    “ Ibrahim ’ s mother remains a bad example to womanhood because she invites her male friend , who is a politician , into our house to commit adultery there .

    “ Since my four years of living with him , Ibrahim ’ s mother has been cooking our meals .

    “ My mother has been catering for the child and me as Ibrahim had not shown care .

    “ It was also my mother who paid for the rent of my shop, ” Olaitansaid .

    The respondent, who did not oppose the suit , however , denied some of the allegations levelled against him .

    Ibrahim , a construction engineer who lives at Odo Ona -Arapaja area of Ibadan , accused his wife of adultery .

    “ My lord , I have every record of my sexual intercourse with Olaitan and whenever she informs me of her pregnancy, I am quick to deny responsibility.

    “ Subsequently , I don’ t know how the pregnancies disappear .

    “ My mother is not adulterous, ” Ibrahim also submitted .

    The court ’ s President , Chief Henry Agbaje, was , however , not satisfied with the evidence produced by the duo to support their arguments.

    Agbaje ordered them to return to the court with more evidence , along with their parents

    He adjourned the case till March 13.

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