• Woman caught stealing pant
  • Another Female Pant Thief Caught In UNIOSUN ( VIDEO + PHOTOS )

    Just as we are about to hear the final results on the 2019 elections, another terrible event occurred in Ibadan, Oyo state. A clip showing  a lady who allegedly stole ladies panties was caught red-handed. She claimed her reason for going into the pant business was based mainly on the hardship faced and didn’t want to depend on the coming president-elect as life frustrated her. The event happened earlier today, in Ikire, Osun State.


    Read the full narrative below as given on NAIRALAND

    Earlier today, as I was almost waking, thinking about which church I’ll go, and how Atiku will emerge, some people rushed in to inform us in my hostel that someone has been stealing pants overnight in our street.

    First, it wasn’t funny when I ran to my bathroom. But as soon as I remembered we have a secured fence in my hostel, I started making a jest of myself.

    At first, I didn’t believe it, because I’ve been a bit sceptical about those cases of some yahoo boys stealing used pants. But seeing was believing today.
    So, since it’s a business based gist, I can still gossip at least once in a while to see how lucrative blood money could ever be. Come and see how people unleashed the first-class harassment on her.

    Underwears Ritualist business

    According to IdeaFlavour’s reports, findings and enquiries, a man spotted her walking around aimlessly amidst two hostels. Then, she was suspected by a man who accused her. The man asked her to show what’s in her hand and she fled. With immediate effect, he alerted some nearby passersby to help him catch the suspect.

    They gave her a resounding slap and she began to confess that she’s from Ibadan and she’s on her way back already that they shouldn’t forgive her. Before I reach that incredible scene, I met them pouring petrol/fuel on her body with a match ready to disburse a lifetime “hell on earth” on her soul.

    Underwears Ritualist business

    When asked about when she started pant selling business she kept mute while staring into the open.


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    Hmmm this is serious
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