• Aliko Dangote’s beautiful wife and children. All we know about the business mogul’s family!!

    Aliko Dangote’s beautiful wife and children. All we know about the business mogul’s family!!

    This person doesn’t need the introduction, everybody knows the wealthiest man in Africa. We have read a lot about his conglomerate, net worth, and properties. What about another side of his life, his private life. If you crave to learn about Aliko Dangote’s wife and children, just keep reading and you will know many interesting facts.

    Aliko Dangote’s wife

    The first question, which many Nigerians ask is if Aliko Dangote is still a bachelor. The rich man was married twice as well twice divorced, so now the person, who converts cement into gold, is officially single.

    The first times he was married being a twenty years old young man, his parents have chosen a wife for him. Some time later, he fell in love with a friend of his daughters Nafisat Yar’auda (daughter of Umaru Musa Yar’auda) but the girl said “no” to the marriage proposal.

    Aliko Dangote and Sylvvia Nduka

    Later, he married Maria AD Muhammad Rufai. This marriage didn’t last long and as it hit the rocks and ended in divorce. After the second divorce, there were rumors about a romance between the richest man in Africa and the Beauty Queen of 2013 Sylvia Nduka. There was even information that these two were married secretly. People, who were subscribed to Sylvia’s Instagram proved the information that she added in Instagram two letters AD after the name, which stands for Aliko Dangote. There was no happy ending in this love story too.

    Aliko Dangote’s children

    The African mogul has three grown-up daughters. Despite father’s wealth, these girls are very modest and are not arrogant at all: you cannot see them with uncovered heads. They are gorgeous young ladies who studied a lot and graduated from the best universities in the Unlighted Kingdom. There is no much information about them, they are not eager to introduce their private lives to public. Tthe facts, we know for sure are Aliko Dangote’s daughters’ names:

    01. Halima Bello (Dangote)

    02. Mariya Dangote

    03. Fatima Dangote

    Aliko Dangote's daughters

    Aliko Dangote and daughters

    Halima (the oldest daughter) studied marketing in London. She is a married woman now. Together with husband Sulaiman Sani Bello they gave birth to two beautiful granddaughters of Aliko Dangote. Now she works in a family business. Mariya Dangote graduated the Coventry University and now as the elder sister also works with their father.

    Fatima Dangote also has graduated and now is the head at the Cupcake factory.

    Aliko Dangote and Halima Bello

    Aliko Dangote and daughter

    The rich businessman also has a son, however, Aliko Dangote’s son has another surname, his name is Abdulrahman Fasasi. He is not Dangote’s son for blood, he was adopted.

    Aliko Dangote for sure can be proud of his children.

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