• Registration begins for 2021 Maltina School Games
  • Beyond being crucial for children’s health, sport is also a very useful tool for effective character education and this is why the Maltina School Games is uniquely designed to promote the all-round development of young people from improving their social and leadership skills, to bettering their wellbeing through physical activity. “We are calling on schools to register to participate in the 2021 games as we have an interesting lineup of events as well as new mouth-watering prizes for the winners,” she noted. She added that: “The state preliminaries which will feature 1,400 schools, will be held across four states including; Lagos, Rivers, Bauchi and Abuja. A total of 352 student-athletes will qualify in each state for the state finals,” Some of the sporting activities include; 100m and 200m race, 4x100m, Javelin, and shot-put. Prizes to be won include a cash prize, laptops, mobile phones, medals, and more.  
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