• 8 States where beautiful woman are surplus
  • 8 States where beautiful woman are surplus
    8 States Where Beautiful Women are SurplusPetertechFeb 5, 2021 1:24 PM

    Opinion: 8 States Where Beautiful Women are Surplus.

    Nigeria is a country filled with Beautiful women. Out of the over 50 countries we have In Africa, Nigeria is one of those blessed with Beautiful Women. In Nigeria, you can easily find a wife if you are precisely after beauty. Inasmuch as beauty is not the major criteria for chosing a good wife, it is a prerequisite for some men who have eyes for beauty. 

    All States in Nigeria have Beautiful women but there are some which I have Personally noticed with surplus Beautiful women. In these States, if you come there or see ladies from there, you will see beauty. When you visit such States, you will become confused on who is more beautiful. That is when you will understand why they say "The Beautiful ones are not yet born". On this note, I bring to you my 8 States with surplus Beautiful women in no particular order;

    1. Cross River State

    Cross River is a State blessed with beauty, structurally and otherwise. When you come to CRS, You will see that the State is so clean and Beautiful. The same thing is applicable to their women. They are blessed with surplus of Beautiful women. Their women are naturally endowed and well brought up. 

    Talking about their Celebrities, we have many of them in the Entertainment Industry who are extremely beautiful and endowed. For Instance, we have the likes of;

    ✓ Kate Henshaw.

    ✓ Ebbe Bassey.

    ✓ Cecilia Bissong.

    ✓ Keira Hewatch.

    ✓ Isabella Agbor  Ayuk

    ✓ Shan George

    ✓ Belinda Effeh etc.

    2. Imo State

    To me, Imo State is the centre of Beauty. This state in question has been able to raise many beautiful women in the history of Nigeria. Stepping your feet in Imo State would put you in a state of dilemma if you are there to look for beauty. Their women are so elegant, Charming and extremely beautiful. 

    The State have been able to raise many Beauty Pageants who have been representing the country in beauty. We have a lot of Beautiful female Celebrities From Imo State among whom are the likes of;

    ✓ Genevieve Nnaji

    ✓ Rita Dominic

    ✓ Chioma Nwaoha

    ✓ Eucharia Anunobi Ekwu

    ✓ Stephanie Okereke Linus

    ✓ Mercy Eke etc.

    3. Kano State

    Kano which is the home of the Hausa Speakers is really endowed with Beautiful damsels you can always lay your hands on. Stepping into Kano state and mingling with the Hausa Ladies would make you see the definition of beauty written on the foreheads of their women. Both the Hausa and the Fulani women are indeed Beautiful set of people that should be given serious attention. 

    Taking a close look at their women, you would think they are not Nigerians due to their special look such as their face shape and nose shape. If you go to Kano State to look for Beautiful women, you will end up being confused and thrown into the state of dilemma. 

    4. Benue State

    Have you heard of Idoma women? They are such a beautiful set of creatures. Visit places like Otukpo, Adoka, Otukpa etc and see for yourself. You will notice that almost every household has Beautiful women. If you step into the place, the only thing I can assure you is that, you might not be able to make any choice before you leave because if you see Monica for instance, you will think She is more beautiful than Ene until you meet Ehi. 

    What about the Tiv speaking area, they are also very beautiful. The Tiv women are so endowed that even outsiders rushes to marry them before their men end up marrying them.

    5. Ogun State

    Ogun babes are to me, the most endowed babes in the South Western Region. The State generally is blessed with Beautiful Yoruba women who replicate beauty in their appearance. Going to the State in search of beauty will no doubt land you in trouble of who to choose since they have more than enough at their disposal.

    Entertainment wise, we have quite alot of their Beautiful women who are representing us out there. For instance, we have the likes of;

    ✓ Bukky Wright

    ✓ Ayo Adesanya

    ✓ Ronke Adesanya

    ✓ Eniola Badmus

    ✓ Idowu Philips etc.

    6. Delta State

    Most times when people hear of Delta State, the place that first come to mind is Warri. Well, aside Warri, there are many other places in Delta that things are happening and women are making wave. When you visit places like Auchi, Agbor and Asaba the State Capital, you will appreciate the hand work of God in the lives of their women. They are super duper endowed with whatever a man needs in a woman. 

    Remember Dorathy Bachelor of BBNaija season 5? She is a product of Delta State.

    What about Beautiful Regina Daniels? She is also a product of Delta State.

    If you are looking for Beautiful women, go to Delta State and your life will never remain the same.

    7. Kogi State

    Kogi State is made up of 3 major ethnic groups; The Igala, the Ebira and the Yoruba Ethnic groups. The state is blessed with Beautiful Women ranging from the Ebiras to the Igalas and the Yorubas. The Igala speaking areas of the State has a lot of beautiful women that you will wonder how blessed they are.

    Your wonder would increase the moment you step your feet in Okene to see Ebira women. Their beauty is unimaginable. They are so beautiful that you will think God spent extra hours in creating them. I can say their their men are so lucky to have such women because their combinations breeds Beautiful Children.

    8. Enugu State

    I'm a fan of Enugu State because of their assets of which their women are among. In fact, if you ask me, I will say their women are like mineral resources which other men from other States can come and explore. They are beautiful, hard-working and very resourceful. Walk on their streets and you won't stop giving a second stare anytime a lady passes you by. 

    At their Celebrity corner, they have a lot of Beautiful female Celebrities that are representing well. Some of them includes;

    ✓ Tina Mbah

    ✓ Chizzy Alichi

    ✓ Lota Chukwu

    ✓ Rachael Okonkwo

    ✓ Chidiebre And Chidinma Aneke (The Aneke twins)

    ✓ Destiny Etiko etc. 

    That's my 8 States where we can find surplus of Beautiful women. What's your take? Which State is supposed to be on the list and which one is not supposed to be? Please do well to share the article.

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    And what do you have to say about Anambra and Abịa??? Infact, I reserve my comment
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    where did anambra go to?
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    our country is blessed
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    yes it's true, i agree with you.
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    Ahhu they are all beautiful
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    what about edo state ?
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    keep it up and in going
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