• Cristiano Ronaldo Is 36 Yrs Today, See Photos Of His Father Who Died Of Liver Failure In 2005
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Is 36 Yrs Today, See Photos Of His Father Who Died Of Liver Failure In 2005
    Cristiano Ronaldo Is 36 Yrs Today, See Photos Of His Father Who Died Of Liver Failure In 2005SundailyFeb 5, 2021 4:37 AM

    I call him 'My GOAT', The Best in the World, One in a life Time, Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos is no doubt one of the most idolized persons in the world today. Born on the 5th of February 1985, Cristiano has now clocked 46 and with the way he is playing, no one knows when he will retire. However, not many of his fans know that Ronaldo's Dad died in 2005 due to an alleged Liver failure. Meanwhile, the Portuguese Currently ply trade in Italy where he plays for Juventus.

    In world football today, there is hardly anyone like Ronaldo as he has played in over 4 different leagues where he hasn't failed to prove his class. Cristiano Ronaldo currently holds a lot of records but the one that stands out, is that he is now the top goals scorer ever in the world, with over 700 official goals.

    Poor Family....

    The athlete who was born and brought up in Fuchal, is the 4th child and last child of his parents (2 Boys and 2 Girls). His mother who was a cook is Maria Dos Santos Viveiros Da Aveiro, while his father who was a Gardener, is Jose Dinis Aveiro. Personally, judging from his parents profession then, I think they were poor. But before Ronaldo was born, his mother actually wanted to abort him because of their poor condition. His father on the other hand was an alcoholic.

    Sadly, Jose Dinis died after suffering from liver failure in 2005 when CR7 was 20 years old. And now his son has made it big in life but he is not alive to enjoy the fruit of his labour.

    Meanwhile, Ronaldo's personal life is quite amazing because he has four children but all are not from the same mother. Despite that, he is still in a fascinating relationship with Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez. In all, CR7 is a true model to many and I am wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


    Wait before you go, let's settle something here and now, between Ronaldo and Messi, who plays better? I want to know who has more fans.

    Lets wish him a happy birthday. And do you think his father will be proud of him? Leave a comment so I can know what you think. Thanks.

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