• Nigerian universities shut down again
  • Nigerian universities shut down again
    Nigerian Universities Shut Down AgainFedinando3838Feb 5, 2021 6:44 AM

    Ranking Staff Association of Nigeria Universities and the Non-Academic Staff Union will start strike on Friday (today). 

    The associations in a proclamation by SSANU National President, Mohammed Ibrahim, and NASU General Secretary, Peters Adeyemi, said this on Thursday. 

    Review that the associations had reported that they would set out on a cross country strike from February 5, 2021 over the Federal Government's treatment of the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System, sharing recipe of the N40bn acquired scholarly recompenses and non-installment of unpaid debts of the new the lowest pay permitted by law, among others. 

    In an offer to stop the strike, the Federal Government met with the authority of the associations however the gathering finished in a halt on Tuesday. 

    The associations said five of its requests have not been taken care of by the Federal Government. 

    The assertion peruses somewhat, "Taking into account the result of the gathering, the initiative of JAC of NASU and SSANU at the branches are thusly coordinated to begin joint comprehensive gatherings on Friday to give covers the result of the placation meeting and pass goals in transit forward. 

    "Meanwhile, the cross country strike produces results from 12 PM, Friday, February 5, 2021, forthcoming any opposite goal by the branches."

    From Opera News

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  • pattyblack on 07 Feb '21 - 07:17pm
    Nawaoooo for Nigeria education ooo
  • favour04 on 23 Mar '21 - 07:44am
    this are the futures of our leaders they are playing with
  • ifeco on 12 Feb '21 - 09:25am
    Nigeria and strike issues
  • ola1 on 12 Feb '21 - 07:04pm
    nice one keep it up
  • ola1 on 12 Feb '21 - 07:04pm
    thanks for the information
  • gamsheya on 13 Feb '21 - 06:25pm
    Education for Nigeria is not stable
  • mrwise on 19 Feb '21 - 03:04pm
  • david93 on 23 Feb '21 - 06:57pm
    thank you for the information
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