See What Seriki Fulani Said About Sunday Igboho During BBC Interview That Sparks Reaction OnlineKiriyoFeb 4, 2021 9:07 PM

    See What Seriki Fulani Said About Sunday Igboho During BBC Interview That Sparks Reaction Online

    The Displaced Seriki Fulani of Igangan during an interview with BBC Yoruba has expressed the life of fear he has been living since the alleged attack of Sunday Igboho and his men which led to his displacement.

    According to him, the name Sunday Igboho still send cold shivers down his spine, because what he experienced during the attack is traumatic and he is yet to recover from it.

    He Maintained that Sunday Killed his only brother right on the spot during the attack and four others while also destroying all his properties in the process.

    "No one will hear the name of a bad person and won't exercise any form of fear,

    My mother gave birth to just 2 children, myself and my brother, but the day he attacked, he killed my only brother and I also saw 4 corpses right there on the floor" the Seriki maintained.

    He continued by saying his claims that he lost over 500 million during the attack is justifiable based on what was destroyed and looted.

    He said he lost about 209 cows in the attack, burnt houses with several expensive cars belonging to him and his kids. He maintained that right under his bed, he kept the sum of 1.1 million nairas which was also caught in the flame.

    To him adding all of that together will either equal his claim of N500m or be more than it.

    He also debunked the claims by people that he is the brain behind most kidnap cases in the Igangan community due to the wealth he has acquired for himself.

    "God has blessed me since childhood through my father and since I move to Igangan with my cows, I have been experiencing progress in all ramifications.

    So I see no reason why I will connive with people to kidnap for money.

    I have been of help to the police in apprehending kidnappers in Igangan, some indigenes, about 5 of them are currently in police custody. " Seriki maintains.

    However, when he was asked if he would be willing to go back to the Iranian community in case he's called back, he responded by saying, he will love to return because that was the place where he multiplied his wealth, but he can only return to the community only if his safety is guaranteed.

    People however have started reacting asking how he could acquire such wealth without Shading dealings except cow business.

    And again after the attack, he said no of his family member was killed, so how come his brother suddenly died.

    Check out screenshots of people's reactions below and also click the link below to watch the full interview and share your opinion in the comments section.

    click to see the video

    Source : BBC Yoruba NEWS

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