• The Outward and the inward man.
  • Man,  primarily,  has  a  twofold  nature:  the  outward man  and  the  inward  man.  In  2  Corinthians  4:16,  Paul clearly  distinguishes  between  these  two  when  he said,  “For  which  cause  we  faint  not;  but  though  our OUTWARD  MAN  perish,  yet  the  INWARD  MAN  is renewed day by day.”   He  lets  us  know  there’s  an  outward  man  and there’s  an  inward  man. The  outward  man  is  the  physical  body  and  its  five senses (sight,  hearing,  smell,  touch, taste).  These senses are his medium for relating with his environment.  That’s why  the  human  body  can  only  receive  information from  this  world  through  its  five  senses. The inward man, however, is the human spirit and his  soul  (the  seat  of  his  mind,  will,  emotions,  reasoning, and  intellect).   He’s  the  one  the  Bible  calls  “the  hidden man of the heart.” He’s not seen with the natural eyes, because  he is  the  “man within  the  man.” Now,  every  one  of  us  is  a  spirit  being,  and  our inward  man  is  the  real  person  living  in  the  physical body.   That’s  the  one  who  receives  Christ’s  salvation. When  you  believed  and  confessed  the  Lordship  of Jesus,  it  wasn’t  your  body  (your  outward  man)  who was  reborn;  it  was  your  inward  man—your  human spirit—  that  was  born  again.  Your  human  spirit  has  spiritual  senses,  and  they function  through  your  soul  and  its  mind.  This  shows why your mind is so powerful and important,  because it  is  the  connector  of  your  spirit  to  your  body.
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