• "What God Has Joined Together Let No Man Put Asunder"- Reactions As Laycon And Vee Are Seen Together
  • Laycon and Vee maintained a good relationship while in the house. As it stands both of them seem to be planning something very big at the moment. The just-concluded BBNaija season 5 did not only end in a happy mood for everyone, but it also left many trails on the ground. Although it ended in a no victor no vanquish mood, there are still housemates who felt that they were cheated. One notable housemate who felt cheated is Erica Nlewedum. This beautiful girl was disqualified from the show after she made some derogatory statements concerning another housemate, Laycon. She was however disqualified after successfully getting her 3rd strike. To many, that served her right but to others, Big Brother shouldn't have disqualified her, he should have tempered justice with mercy. Her disqualification however became a blessing in disguise for Olamilekan Agbeleshe popularly known by his stage name, Laycon. Although the life of a star is what everyone craves, the challenge that comes with it is what many find difficult to cope with. Celebrities are expected to wear beautiful dresses and shoes at all times. Recently, Laycon was pictured in public with Vee. In the said picture, Laycon is spotted wearing an agbada with a canvass on his leg, while Vee is dressed in a simple outfit. His choice of dressing has caused a stir, as many are asking different questions concerning what is spotted on his leg. Another thing that sparked controversy is the duo. Many wondered if Laycon is planning to take their friendship to another level. Maybe he is planning a marriage ceremony maybe he is not. All we know now is that both of them will do well in the showbiz industry. Many are of the view that his choice of dressing does not befit his status. This group of persons maintained that he is now a celebrity and as such, must dress like one. A Facebook user asked, "Is he broke again"?. There are a few others who did not see anything wrong with his choice of dressing. This category of persons is of the opinion that his dressing is good. They maintained that it is good to dress in a simple way rather than dressing in a flashy way. This group of conservatives maintained that Laycon is on point. What do you think?. • Do you think that this dressing is cool?. • Do you feel that it is not?. • Do you think Laycon will marry Vee?. •Are they going to make a good couple?. Here is the picture; My opinion. I feel that Laycon and Vee will work better as a husband and a wife. The duo has shown to us that Vee is indeed a lovable personality who goes all out to protect her own. I think they will go far as a couple.
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  • dboyisgud on 29 Sep '20 - 10:08pm
    is normal thing for woman to fall for money
  • afiocha on 30 Sep '20 - 07:45am
    tell them. what God has joined together let no woman put asunder
  • chriskay on 29 Sep '20 - 07:34pm
    let no man put asunder
  • marghi7 on 29 Sep '20 - 09:33pm
    thanks for the update
  • ayokoyoungest on 29 Sep '20 - 11:18pm
    thanks for the information
  • sunday081 on 29 Sep '20 - 11:29pm
    thanks for the nice information
  • prince.nso on 30 Sep '20 - 11:27am
    yes oooooo, let the relationship continue
  • zicks on 30 Sep '20 - 02:33am
  • ola1 on 30 Sep '20 - 06:26am
    thanks for the information
  • rejoice on 30 Sep '20 - 07:08am
    interesting news thanks
  • chinonso39 on 30 Sep '20 - 07:46am
    money is good o
  • lineyard on 30 Sep '20 - 08:20am
    nice information
  • eliot on 30 Sep '20 - 08:30am
    thanks for this update
  • eazisabi1000 on 30 Sep '20 - 03:31pm
    nice update keep it up thanks for the update
  • kashlee on 30 Sep '20 - 09:28am
    Thanks for the update
  • afiocha on 30 Sep '20 - 10:52am
    tha ks for ur information
  • dsourse on 30 Sep '20 - 02:40pm
    nice update keep it up
  • eazisabi1000 on 30 Sep '20 - 04:07pm
    what God has join together let no man put asunder
  • sammy17 on 01 Oct '20 - 12:27am
    laycon has grace from God he is blessed by God, he was been saved also it was like a movie to him.
  • appolosjohn on 04 Oct '20 - 09:57pm
    nice update keep it on
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