• This Tree is a Miracle but Many Don't Know! See Things You Can Do With Everything About Pawpaw
  • This Tree is a Miracle but Many Don't Know! See Things You Can Do With Everything About Pawpaw

    The papaya is a magic tree. When you cut it or when you cross it by a stem it changes; badly it becomes female and gives fruits in abundance. That is how the Lord wanted it and nothing of the papaya is useless, it grows everywhere without even the favor of the human being, it is rightly called the magic tree or tree of life and everyone should have it in their yard or in their garden for both food and medicine.

    My father told me that this tree has a soul and I think it's true. All its parts have healing and nutritive properties.The hollow stems is rich in vitamins A, B and C, in Calcium, Phosphate, Iron, Protein and Sugar. When you give a decoction of the hollow stem to a child who is Peeing in bed, he is quickly cured of his pain.

    When you cut any place in the papaya, he cries with his papain-rich white sap, an enzyme that facilitates the digestion of proteins (meats, eggs, milk, beans). The white sap and the seeds you reject are excellent dewormers.

    The Lord healed one of my 17-year-old students, who had been suffering from worms for more than 10 years. Indeed, long worms were coming out everywhere at all times and what did I do? I took the dried papaya seeds that were turned into powder and over a week he took in a sweet porridge, a tablespoon of the powder every morning on an empty stomach.

    At the end of the seven days of treatment, all the worms were neutralized and over three days he drank only worms to finally be finally cured of 10 years of parasites. It was a happy event for him and his family. Glory was restored to God for this healing. We must not neglect the simple things around us that can save lives, even in desperate situations.

    Uses of Papaya

    Intestinal worms: pinworms, trickephales and roundworms

    Powder dry papaya seeds for 5 days, take a tablespoon of powder in a sweet porridge every morning on an empty stomach. the child: Sovereign remedy against intestinal worms 

    NB: By habit do not discard papaya seeds and when you eat some seeds at the same time You must eat papaya at least once a year for a week 30 to 45 minutes before the main meals. Papaya is a good natural cleanser that brings a plus to our body.

    Jaundice, liver, malaria

    Boil green leaves + papaya roots + 4 lemons + One unripe papaya + coconut roots . Drink a beer glass, twice a day for a week.

    Anthrax and boils

    Apply a piece of green papaya to the injured parts and renew every day until complete healing.

    Painful Rules

    Herbal Tea 1: Bedtime on green leaves of papaya during discomfort. Fast relief. 

    Herbal tea 2: Boiling green leaves + pride of china + leaves cotton + henna leaves 2 or 3 of these leaves are enough for the treatment Drink 2 glasses a day. This herbal tea facilitates the flow of the rules without pain.

    Horns and calluses

    The direct application of the latex of papaya and especially the latex of the laurel of the india (thevetia neriifolia or tantohu in fon) on the corns and calluses is very effective to dissolve the clusters of skin dried.

    Grind the papaya root with potash and palm nut kernel and make a poultice of the dough on the sick part.


    Make a day of papaya and nothing but papaya from time to time.

    Cough and bronchitis

    Boil papaya roots well washed in honey-sweetened water Drink half-glass 3 times a day away from meals.

    Liver health

    Papaya seeds contain essential nutrients that are effective in treating cirrhosis of the liver by simply grinding 5 or 6 seeds of papaya and adding them to your juices. lime juice is especially recommended, take this mixture daily for a month, and eating small amounts of papaya seeds can stimulate liver cleansing and protect against the diseases of this vital organ.

    Kidney Health

    One of the benefits of papaya seeds is the prevention of some kidney problems, according to a study conducted by Karachi University, papaya seeds can help treat and repair to prevent kidney diseases like kidney failure.

    Anti-inflammatory properties

    Papaya seeds have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them very effective in relieving arthritis, joint pain, swelling and redness.

    Antibacterial and antiviral properties

    Even small amounts of papaya seeds have proved effective in controlling dangerous bacteria, such as staphylococcus, E. coli and salmonella. 

    Fighting Viral infections, preventing dengue fever and typhoid fever are other benefits of papaya seeds.In Nigeria, mixing papaya seeds with milk is an excellent remedy for typhoid fever.These seeds are also widely used in Costa Rica to fight against dengue fever, which can also be treated with this juice made from papaya leaves.

    Preventing cancer

    Preventing cancer is another benefit of papaya seeds, which contain isothiocyanate, a compound that prevents the spread of cancerous cells. Isothiocyanate is particularly beneficial for the fight against cancer. leukemia, breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer.

    Hunt pests

    Papaya seeds contain carpaine, an alkaloid that works against intestinal worms and parasitic amoebae, and papaya is a fruit that stimulates protein metabolism in the body. , creating an extremely hostile environment in the digestive tract to hunt parasites. 

    According to studies, 75% of children in Nigeria get rid of intestinal parasites by doing a 7-day course based on the consumption of papaya seed juice.

    A natural contraceptive

    Here is a benefit of papaya seeds that will certainly interest you. In contrast to contraceptives that can develop health problems, especially when taken for a long time, the seeds of papaya are natural contraceptives that are completely safe and effective for both men and women, because for centuries, in South Asia and the Indian subcontinent, men and women have traditionally used papaya and its seeds as a contraceptive natural. 

    Taking a teaspoon of papaya seeds every day for 3 months can reduce the amount of sperm in men, leaving their libido intact, yet this effect is only in the short term, as soon as the papaya seeds are no longer consumed fertility returns to normal, but it is necessary to consult your doctor before choosing this type of contraception.

    Boosting digestion

    Papaya and its seeds have a high papain content, which is an enzyme that is extremely beneficial for the digestion of proteins and fats. to stimulate digestion, limit constipation and relieve gas and bloating.

    I hope you find this article helpful.

    This Tree is a Miracle but Many Don't Know! See Things You Can Do With Everything About Pawpaw
    This Tree is a Miracle but Many Don't Know! See Things You Can Do With Everything About Pawpaw
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