• BOMBSHELL! I'm After Pastors Because I Haven't Found Any Muslim Cleric Who Owns Private Jet - Daddy Freeze Blows Hot Again
  • BOMBSHELL! I'm After Pastors Because I Haven't Found Any Muslim Cleric Who Owns Private Jet - Daddy Freeze Blows Hot Again

    Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as"Daddy Freeze" made some revlations in a recent interview with SAharaTV in Lagos. Daddy Freeze who is the convener of the #Freesheepie movement laid out his reasons for starting the movement aimed at helping Christians entrapped by the deceptive gospel of prosperity preaching pastor to free themselves.

    The outspoken broadcaster also revealed why his movement is against"Tithing"and the wrong practices going on in churches led by Pentecostal Pastors who are fleeting their congregants in Nigeria.

    Daddy Freeze also mentioned some Pastors who he said collected tithes that were used to build schools that their members could not afford to send their kids and wards to and said he goes after these pastors who own private jets at the expense of their poor members.


    Asked why he doesn't preach against Muslim clerics and politicians with the same passion, he said that he is not too knowledgeable about Islamic doctrines but was quick to say he hasn't seen a Muslim cleric with a private jet, regardless of the size of their congregation.

    Recall that Scooper News reported that Daddy Freeze was at the centre of chaos last week after he insulted Bishop Oyedepo, which in turn made other pastors cursed him.

    The first pastor that attacked him over his statement to Bishop Oyedepo was Pastor David Ibiyieomie who threatened to kill him and even called him a''b*stard.''

    The Nigerian public was still debating on if it was right for Pastor David Ibiyieomie was right in insulting, threatening the ace broadcaster when another pastor joined the flurry.

    Dunamis International Church founder, Pastor David Eneche was the next to attack the OAP for attacking Bishop Oyedepo.

    BOOM!! RCCG Pastor Tells Enenche, Ibiyeomie To Apologise To Daddy Freeze For Using Curse Words. 

    Meanwhile, A pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church by name Nkechi Jehovah has asked the duo of Pastor Paul Enenche and Pastor David Ibiyeomie to apologize to the Church and their congregation over the abusive and curse words they deployed on Daddy Freeze

    Nkechi is said to be a former music director of a Region of the RCCG in Rivers State. She featured prominently in all the major programmes of the Church at the Redemption Camp.

    But in a video post, she expressed great displeasure at the division in the Church in the last two weeks over the issue of Daddy Freeze as a result of the insults Freeze poured on Bishop David Oyedepo.

    While demanding that the Pastors should apologize she said, ‘The Church is going through perfection. God is calling us not to counter our prayers as a result of what we say.

    ‘God is not happy that the Church is divided because a mortal man was insulted. God is our father. We can’t afford to dishonour God the father because a mortal man was insulted. Show me in the scriptures where Christians resisted persecution. Did Stephen curse his persecutors?’

    “Did you not read that vengeance is of the Lord? A wild and abusive preacher will produce an abusive congregation. The Bible says you ought not to curse and. Bless at the same time.’

    Nkechi who quoted several scriptures to buttress her position wondered why the pastors were using curse words on the pulpit.

    She said they need to repent. ‘ God can use anybody to chastise his servants. He used the fish to teach Jonah a lesson. God used the thorn in the flesh of Paul to humble him. God used a donkey to warn Balaam.

    What if God is using the insults to check the level of your humility? If you can’t take ordinary insult, can you surrender your head for Jesus like the apostles did?’ she lamented.

    She said further, ‘what if God decides to expose your own secrets. Paul said I die daily.

    Are we not supposed to carry our cross and follow the Lord daily? I wonder if the rapture took place while you were cursing, will you make it to heaven? What have you suffered for Christ?’

    The RCCG pastor said Jesus was flogged, he was spat on, wondering what the pastors have gone through to warrant the rain of curse on the pulpit.Pastors who curse according to her are sending a wrong signal. ‘We are not trouble makers. We are called to make peace. You are going to apologize. I may be a nobody, but I am a voice to the nation.

    BOMBSHELL! I'm After Pastors Because I Haven't Found Any Muslim Cleric Who Owns Private Jet - Daddy Freeze Blows Hot Again
    BOMBSHELL! I'm After Pastors Because I Haven't Found Any Muslim Cleric Who Owns Private Jet - Daddy Freeze Blows Hot Again
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