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  • [9/12, 3:15 PM] Copa BenSeyi: *HOW DOES IT WORK?* Fortron matrix is built or designed into two departments. We have the F3 program and the F4 program. Both programs functions independently and has level 1 to 12 on each of the programs (F3 and F4). Meaning F3 serves its own purpose simply for referring guys and F4 serves its own purpose simply for those that can't refer. Meanwhile... Both F3 and F4 opens on registration. Then it's ur choice to keep opening F3 when you have ur downlines already or F4 when u haven't referred. [9/12, 3:15 PM] Copa BenSeyi: Note, u earn simultaneously on the 2 zones and the levels u open do not expire, u earn continuously from them for life.........it is a smart contract that cannot be harked or crash. It is built on a blockchain network which is the safest means of keeping money and TRON blockchain to be precise [9/12, 3:15 PM] Copa BenSeyi: *HOW DO I EARN?* On Fortron you earn in 3 ways 1. *Refferals:* This is when you invite people to join Fortron with your refferal link and you get paid instantly for the level they register and buy accordingly 2. *Spillovers:* Spillovers are bonuses distributed to members of the team when there are lots of new recruit or new prospects joining the team, in order words a team that is not active cannot generate spillovers. Another way you earn spillover is when someone from the Team upgrades,even If he/she isn't your downline, as long as he's in ur team, you earn. 3. *Overflows:* Overflow are bonuses you get when someone has earned a cycle on a level and refuse to upgrade to the next level, when this happens the person who refuses to upgrade misses his profit and it goes to the uplines or anybody in the group as overflow. The more active your upline like me, the better for you. [9/12, 3:15 PM] Copa BenSeyi: ✴️✴️ *HOW TO WITHDRAW* AND *HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GET PROFIT* Now on Fortron there is basically nothing like withdraw button or minimum withdraw... On Fortron bonuses are sent directly to your tron wallet witjout you having to do anything.. THE process of the bonus getting to your wallet is automatically... NOW when this bonus, gets, to your wallet you can sell them at anytime, you like. You can sell your bonus to ME Or to luno. com or to quidax.com , bundle app, roqqu. These platforms will convert your crypto currency to your naira bank account without stress less than 1 min process. 🤑🤑🤩.. ✴️✴️ How long it takes to make profit?? It is different for everyone some people's, own comes faster than others 🤑🤑.. But the time, duration, for each level complete bonus is within 3 to 6 weeks.... [9/12, 3:15 PM] Copa BenSeyi: *How you can make money if you invest in FORTRON smart Contract* ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ *You make money on this platform through 5 main ways:* *1. Team Spillovers* These are amount you can get from anyone on the team randomly *2. Overflows* These are dividends you earn from your downlines. *3. system spillover* These are amount you get from the system... Na free money be this, weather you work or not😅 *4. Upline* The owner of the Link you register with is your upline. You earn as his downlines when his slots are filled.. *5. Downlines* Anobody that register with your link is your downline, you earn their registration fee as their upline. So tell me why u won't join FORTRON earning without referral is 100% sure , Over 100countries involve
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