• Never Say "I Love You" Until You Have Answered these 3 Important Questions
  • Hello Fans, Today's Update I bring 3 important Questions one should answer to his or her self before you can conclude it's Love, then you can say the powerful word "I Love You" to a Person.  Love has many definitions to talk about and everyone has his or her own different definition of Love, but to me the word Love is complex. A mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.   LOVE has a great power to make and to distroy, so if you as a person thinks you are inlove with a person, before you proclaim your love please answer these 3 important questions to your yourself sincerely. 3 Important Questions, please dont miss out, and drop your opinion after reading, also followup for More Updates. 1. What Do You Love About Him Or Her That Is So Unique:  In loving someone there should be some unique about that person you are loving. Something so special that will make you always be in need of that person, something that will sustain you in that relationship which whenever you see that person, because of that uniqueness, you feel happy. Something that makes you smile alot whenever you remember. Also adding to the uniqueness, you should also be able to love the person for whom he or she is, don't expect to change the person or trying to perfect that person to your taste, then that is not Love. 2. ASK YOURSELF IF ITS ALL ABOUT S3X:  A real genue Love is built on many strong things but not s3x, when your love is all about going to bed with that person, then its not love rather Lust. Because lust don't last, lust can have similar characteristics as love but don't mean its Love, because Lust dont last, with time they fade away, because you may or maynot have gotten what you wanted, so because it's not love then you will find nothing interesting to stay for. 3. DO YOU HAVE HIDDEN SECRETS:  Loving someone you should be open to that person, no matter how difficult that thing may seem to be, you should not hide it from the person you truly Love, because hiding it means you don't Trust that person and love cannot be buildup without trust. You both must truth and believe in each other also tell each other everything without lies or keeping some as secrets.  So with the above 3 questions, if you are free from them then you are sincerely truly inlove with that person, then you can go ahead to proclaim your Love. Thank You for Your time and understandings, Please your opinions matters alot, so drop your comments or ideas so we can aslo learn. Followup for More Updates, Like and Share. The views expressed in this article are the writer's, they do not reflect the views of Opera News.Read more>>
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  • 12 Aug '20 - 09:50pm
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  • uc on 13 Aug '20 - 12:14am
    don't say you love someone, unless you really do
  • sunday081 on 12 Aug '20 - 09:55pm
    thanks for the information
  • olabim on 12 Aug '20 - 11:21pm
  • ndifon on 12 Aug '20 - 11:58pm
    Wow! Suprising i have really learntt alot
  • ijoba_lasu on 13 Aug '20 - 12:26am
    good update......
  • bensonumeh on 13 Aug '20 - 02:07pm
    pls, tell them ooo, especially those that have only sex to offer
  • hamzat on 14 Aug '20 - 08:02am
    this one is strong
  • ndifon on 12 Aug '20 - 11:59pm
    Nice one thank you for the update
  • koroscor on 13 Aug '20 - 06:32pm
    True love needs one to get prepared before embarking on.
  • bartholonew on 13 Aug '20 - 10:43pm
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