• What should I do? We had sex and she refused to go.
  • What should I do? We had sex and she refused to go.


    This Lady you're seeing by my side in the picture I don't know  her ooo. 

    We met on Friday at a Snacks Bar. I called her to sit by my side after buying two Plates of Pepper Soup, Fried Snails and four bottles of Beer.

    I took her home, one thing led to another, we had Non-stop sex till  morning hoping that she will go her way but she pleaded me to spend another night again ,I accepted we had marathon sex again till day break.

    I woke up to prepare for Sunday church service , gave her 10,000 Naira for her Transport fare, told  her to go before I come back , drop the key under the footmat but to my greatest surprise I came back and met her ,she has Cleaned up the house, washed my dirty  Clothes and prepared food with the money I gave her.

    She is said to me "I don't want to go, You've been so nice to me, You'll be a Good Husband".

    I'm just confused because she is not even my Choice. 

    Please, What advice can you give Me?

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  • 11 Aug '20 - 01:55pm
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  • dsourse on 11 Aug '20 - 02:34pm
    nice update keep it up
  • ubn4god on 11 Aug '20 - 02:49pm
    what do you mean by she is not your choice, after having sex with her, you now realized that she is not your choice,oga you must marry her
  • cartiejay on 11 Aug '20 - 02:51pm
    you should give her time, and make her see reasons to go
  • ubn4god on 11 Aug '20 - 02:52pm
    she's not your choice when you called her to stay by your side, I wonder why some guys are totally useless
  • thankgodfavour on 11 Aug '20 - 01:56pm
    its ur package bro stay wit it
  • koroscor on 11 Aug '20 - 02:07pm
    Hahahaha, the package is too much
  • vdjluv212 on 11 Aug '20 - 02:25pm
    what a life bro take it the way u see its not easy
  • baronmeshach on 11 Aug '20 - 02:49pm
    thanks for the update
  • olabim on 12 Aug '20 - 11:38pm
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