• Who is a cheap girl
  • Who is a cheap girl


    A cheap girl is not the girl that accepts your proposal the first day.

    1. A cheap gal is any gal who is living in a man's house and the man has not paid her bride price, no wedding but she is living with him.

    2. A cheap gal is any gal who is already having sex with a common boyfriend and she does not know where the relationship is heading to, she does not know where the guy comes from, no marriage plans, no wedding hope but she is having sex with the guy because of the money she is getting from him.

    3. A cheap gal is any gal who sends her nude pics to her boy friend in the name of love.

    4. A cheap gal is any gal who has done one or more abortions and she is still doing more.

    5. A cheap gal is any gal who dresses half naked in the name of fashion, exposing her boobs and other erotic parts of her body in the street or post such pictures on Facebook or Whatsapp and receives 500 likes and 100 comments that you're "beautiful" and you say "thank you".

    6. A cheap gal is any gal who has an affair with a married man even after knowing it, having sex with him, abort pregnancy, receives money, cause havoc in the man's marriage in order for her to be married.

    7. A cheap girl is any gal who reads this post and gets Angry and will refuse to comment.

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  • 10 Aug '20 - 03:42pm
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  • unegbuemeka12 on 10 Aug '20 - 03:54pm
    thanks for the important information provided
  • adam27 on 10 Aug '20 - 03:57pm
    where are all the cheap girl
  • chinondon on 10 Aug '20 - 04:04pm
    thank you for this interesting information
  • charlesonwuma11 on 10 Aug '20 - 04:05pm
    lol...a cheap girl is a free giver oooooooo
  • chizzysamuel on 10 Aug '20 - 04:21pm
    wow thanks for the update Information
  • lovely01 on 10 Aug '20 - 05:09pm
    smiles.......that funny u know cheap girls go hear am
  • ohmyko on 10 Aug '20 - 05:55pm
    A cheap girl is a girl that doesn't value herself, who is not virtuous. The Bible says her price is far above rubies
  • kelvin28 on 10 Aug '20 - 05:13pm
    Nice and Good update!!!
  • comradenkanu on 10 Aug '20 - 05:58pm
    Gbam you nailed it
  • comradenkanu on 10 Aug '20 - 06:00pm
    A cheap girl is a donator and very generous
  • uwakky on 10 Aug '20 - 06:05pm
    A sheap gal is a gal that have sex not only that everything that this guy mansion thanks for the update
  • worldwide on 10 Aug '20 - 06:38pm
    thanks for the update
  • wovdana on 10 Aug '20 - 06:39pm
    there is nothing like cheap in love
  • bartholonew on 10 Aug '20 - 09:37pm
    Thanks so much for this post
  • lapas on 10 Aug '20 - 10:11pm
    smiling.😀😀..nt all girls are cheaper..
  • achivegift on 10 Aug '20 - 11:02pm
    Mad o number 2 is to all our boyfriends who will not allow us to rest, and is better self hen money is involve o...we gree
  • olabim on 11 Aug '20 - 05:45am
    abi ooooooooo........................
  • aqualia on 11 Aug '20 - 09:50am
    a cheap. girl is a call girl
  • skd on 11 Aug '20 - 11:57am
    waooh wonderful i do appreciate this writeup thanks so much
  • chiderajohnpaul on 24 Aug '20 - 09:52am
    Thanks for the update
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